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10 marzo 2009

Eros Riccio is the King of Freestyle


Eros Riccio is "The King" of chess online

(da Rybkachess dell’8 marzo 2009)

Great satisfaction for the Italian Eros Riccio that, under the name of
Sephiroth, won the "1st Freestyle Masters 2009".
This is the fifth consecutive victory in the five tournaments Riccio
world chess online free style that have played over the years.
Indeed, after the triumph of April last year in 8 ° Pal/Css/Freestyle
Tournament, a very important tournament sponsored by the Pal Group of
Abu Dhabi (UAE), in October 2008 Eros Riccio was also imposed in
Computer Bild Spiele Schach Tournier, acquiring the right to be guest
at Chess Olympiad in Dresden, then in November, he won The Welcome
Freestyle Tournament, tournament welcome the new server Infinity
Chess, and December, the Christmas Freestyle Tournament.
And now he came to the final consecration Freestyle in the 1st
Freestyle Masters in 2009, proving to be, at this time, the undisputed
number one in the world in the game of chess freestyle online.
With 7 points in ten games, Eros Sephiroth was ranked the first place
before Luminarydebris, alias Steven Cramton (USA), already winner in
2005 of 1st Pal/Css/Freestyle Tournament, at Spaghetti Chess of
Alberto Gueci, Shun_zu (Jose Antonio O 'Neill of Tyrone y Daneyeo,
Spain), which closed 6.5 points and were divided on equal footing with
cash prizes from the second to fourth.
Fifth English Anson Williams, already the winner in September 2007 the
7th Pal/Css/Freestyle Tournament, which was stopped at 6, to equal
points with the American Blitzer William Fuller, Robert BigRabbit
German Sohulein, Coffindodger of 'English Lloid Paul, Randy of Randy
Wesler and Czech Blizzard of Frantisek Nepustil. Then all the other
By underlining the excellent placement of the Italian Alberto Gueci,
which has its major achievements in the first place to his ability,
but also the opportunity, granted by his Riccio to use Sikand, the now
famous book of the openings of italian chessplayer.

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